Rubber Driveways

What you need to know about Rubber crumb driveways

Rubber crumb driveways

Over the years, the construction industry has been evolving looking for new ways to make construction cheaper and ultimately more durable. One child of such ingenuity is the rubber crumb driveway. Rubber crumb driveway is a new style of constructing driveways that use recycled rubber granules. It is debatable on how new this method is in the market as it was used over 75 years ago in Europe. The product we have now, differed from its ancestor in that, it has been tested using modern science and an elaborate procedure is given to ensure strength and durability.

What is the cost of the driveway?

Cost is one of those aspects of construction that we cannot overlook. Everyone would like to save up on money as construction, in general, is an expensive affair. Rubber crumb driveways give you the most cost-effective construction solution in the market. They are very low in cost to install and maintain.
The cost of the driveway goes ultimately lower when the laying of the surface is on a pre-existing ground. If an excavation and fill are needed, although the price is lower than alternative methods, it is significantly increased. Upon consultation with your local dealer, you can be sure that you shall get the best value for your money.

How do I install the driveways?

The installation procedure is simple. There are three ways in which the resin drives are installed. This is dependent on the type of base surface available. The three base types are pre-existing base, stable original ground, and soft ground.
For the areas where there is a pre-existing firm base like tarmac or concrete material, the installing will be the laying of the rubber crumb mixture to 15mm thickness. For the stable original ground, some treatment is done to make it stick to the rubber crumbs, and the rubber crumb mixture is laid over it.
In areas where there is soft ground, the material is excavated, and the spaced is filled with better base material. It is then treated and the rubber crumb laid on top of it.

What advantages do I get from using rubber crumb driveways?

1. Durability

One of the best qualities of rubber crumb driveway is their resistance to rust, salt, oil and cracking. The mixture is highly stable and expands and contracts in an even manner when heated and cooled. Thus there will be no cracking if well laid. The firm driveway has a good grip thus prevents vehicles from skidding on the surface, that would, in turn, cause wear and tear by knocking off loose materials.

2. Environment friendly

Being constructed from recycled tires, it helps deal with the problem of disposing of the worn-out rubber tires. The increase in demand for the rubber driveways decreased the demand for asphalt as well as concrete which have adverse effects on the environment.

Other advantages include:

• Fast draining
• Usable in all weather
• Vandal resistant

If you are interested in quality driveway construction material, rubber crumb driveways will suit you perfectly. Not only does it give you numerous advantages in its performance but also packs the added advantage that in using it you will be conserving the environment.

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